5th October 2019

Cheesy Waffled Hash Browns is the delicious breakfast side dish you need make. Every bite of perfectly crisp and cheesy hash browns. Make for a crowd and top with eggs and bacon for the perfect brunch.

I like the Leslie Knope philosophy about waffles “Everyone should love waffles. If they don’t, they’re crazy.”

Words to live by.

You can use any shredded hash browns of your preference.

I’m a big savory breakfast person and this dish is perfection. Easy to make and takes little time to prepare in the morning, especially on a lazy Sunday complete with mimosas. Top with eggs of your choice, bacon, parmesan cheese, any and every savory topping you can think of for breakfast. And I highly recommend you spice it up with some Sriracha. It’s not a complete breakfast without Sriracha.

For Waffles

  • Put 2.8 liters water in a mixing bowl.
  • Add 1 bag of Original Mix (2.27kg) and mix till smooth.
  • Finally add 500g of melted butter and fold into mix.
  • Let it rest for 10-15 minutes for best results.

I like it with sunny side up fried eggs, thick cut bacon, extra parmesan cheese, and garnished with chopped chives.

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